Nail Fungus

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Fingernail fungus is a condition that lands a crippling blow to the good looks of your nails, and once you find out you’re infected, you’d better start looking for a good nail fungus cure. Once your nails sustain physical damage, they become more vulnerable and therefore more likely to become obliterated by the fungus. Moist can be conducive to fungal infestation, so keep your hands dry when possible.

There are different ways of keeping hands dry, such as, for example, using rubber gloves while washing dishes. If you cannot avoid wetting your hands, you should use high quality tea tree oil. If you have been diagnosed with fingernail fungus, cut down on nail polish, because it creates favorable environment for fungi to grow. You can also take to a kind of ‘sunlight therapy’, because sunlight is actually a great nail fungus cure. Expose your fingers to sunlight, so that your nails become a sheer frying pan for the fungus! In cooler climates, where people wear gloves, people are more vulnerable to fingernail fungus. Therefore, gloves require daily washing, and it is advisable to use Clorox bleach. There are a few types of nail fungus cure available on the market, and we offer the following ones:

Apple Cider Vinegar-ACV is a great weapon against fingernail fungus. This one should be used on a regular basis, since fungus tends to recur within a week if you stop using the medicine.

Hydrogen Peroxide-Peroxide stimulates mother cells that are responsible for nail growth. Please, soak a cotton ball in the peroxide and use it once every day. You will notice the growth pretty soon.

Lavender Oil & Apple Cider Vinegar is one more effective nail fungus cure. It should be prepared as follows: half-cup of apple cider vinegar plus 5 lavender drops per 1 litter of water. Dip your fingers in the mixture for around 45 minutes, and then use Australian tea tree oil on your fingernails three times each day.

Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide is another effective nail fungus cure. If you would like to do away with fingernail fungus as soon as possible, you can use a fifty-fifty mixture of Vinegar and three-percent solution of Hydrogen Peroxide. You can do it conveniently with a dropper. The mixture may cause a slight pinching sensation. The next step is putting your hands in a Clorox bleach solution. If you have a mild case of fingernail fungus, put one cap of the bleach per half glass of water. Plunge your fingers in the solution for about a minute. If you have a bad case of fungus, dissolve one measure of Clorox in four measures of water and soak your fingers in the solution for about a minute.

After completing the procedure, wash your hands and dry your fingers. Then move on to the following step: apply a fifty-fifty mixture of Vaseline and Australian tea tree oil to your fingernails and use Band-Aid. Keep it on for the rest of the day. Then go back to the Vinegar-Peroxide procedure once again to be followed by the Vaseline-tree-oil procedure, and keep doing so for at least 3-4 days. The reaction between Vinegar and Peroxide produces a powerful peracetic, which, in combination with Clorox, will make up a highly efficient nail fungus cure and will leave zero chance for fingernail fungus to survive.

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